Global Digital Publishing Leader

Deep, proven experience at all levels of digital publishing from low-level graphics development to shipping products for client and server to managing global, open-source projects

More than 20 years of developing, managing and shipping cutting edge, industry-leading products, products that helped define an industry.

Able to lead the design and development of complex products by heterogeneous teams that are globally distributed. Deep knowledge of every aspect of digital publishing.

  • Lead teams in the design and user experience of user-oriented products
  • Long development experience, able to understand the entire spectrum of development
  • Proven leader of complex, geographically distributed teams on challenging timelines
  • Strong background in working with and in standards bodies (W3C:DPUB, SVG, IDPF:EPUB)
  • Deeply familiar with whole product life cycle
  • Capable of working on every aspect of product development including design, documentation, QE and development
  • Strategic visionary leader
  • Skilled at managing multiple, complex products and activities


Web technologies (XML, HTML, CSS, SVG), Languages (Java, C++, JavaScript), Graphics (Postscript, OpenGL, SVG, imaging), Product development (design, development, QE, budgeting, life cycle management)

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